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Welcome to the Trials of Ascension Wiki, your number one source for everything related to ToA!

Note: Since ToA is still in development, the information on this wiki will be limited to whatever information is currently available. Furthermore, the information on this wiki is subject to change and may not always be correct. Once ToA reaches a playable state more accurate and reliable information can be expected.

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About Trials of Ascension

Trials of Ascension is a MMORPG project that beats to a different drum. For souls brave enough to try something outside the traditional MMO box, ToA will deliver a gaming experience like no other.

Combat with perma-death after 100 lives, an open-ended skill system without classes, innovations that are unique to the discoverer, dynamic spawning of fauna, flora and dungeons, player-made settlements and structures, a cooperative crafting system and a magic system that will feel as mysterious as magic itself.

ToA is being developed by the game development studio Forged Chaos LLC. For more information, see the official website

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